Agency Office:
Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg
Headquarters Tuttlingen
Moltkestrasse 7
 78532 Tuttlingen

Phone:  +49 7461 2201
Fax:  +49 7461 12302

As to ourselves

Agency Office:
Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg
Headquarters Tuttlingen
Moltkestrasse 7
D – 78532 Tuttlingen
Phone:  +49 7461 2201
Fax:  +49 7461 12302

Guild for surgical mechanics Baden Württemberg – Headquarters: Tuttlingen

1. Offers the guild
2. Fight again the shadow economy
3. Politic
4. Apprentice (and other) promotion
5. Working contracts
6. Advertisement
7. Ceremonial activities and offers
8. Membership in our professional guild is a useful thing, anyway

We take care of your employment contracts:

  • We give advice about the structuring of such employment contracts- so, you can take correct decisions
  • We develop individual contracts especially for your purposes
  • We shall give you detailed information about every relevant change, and we shall be pleased to give you advice to keep your firm easy-going and successful

We fight the shadow economy:

  • We see to every hint from our membership or the population 
  • We hand over edited incrimination evidence to the responsible offices affairs
  • We support running penalty notice affairs

We are trying to support your political interests:
In local and regional economic affairs the craft is an essential factor: as a producer, as an employer and as an entrepreneur it is providing manifold services.
To underline the meaning of the surgical craft in politics and society, we are committing ourselves to local political activities.
We are emphasizing the constructive self-appreciation of the craft as an economic field. 

We do the ads for you – to make your craft well-known:

  • Intensive media contacting
  • Publication of press-articles
  • Visible presents in public events
  • Regular contacts with local and regional authorities, offices and institutions

Membership in our guild is quite rewarding:

  • Free certificate for employees
  • General financial contributions for final and intermediate examinations of apprentices
  • Reports and proofs for training firms
  • Reduced costs for participations of our events
  • Special tariffs and favorable conditions for motor-vehicles
  • Inexpensive group-insurances

Members of the guild can profit by its offers:

  • Technical and economic advisory
  • Practical working materials (and advertising materials)
  • Comparisons of firms
  • Marketing and advertising measures
  • Specific questionnaires, like “AGB”, for example

Certainly we can celebrate, too:

  • Guild trips
  • Guided tours through firms
  • Company ceremonies

Executive Board of the Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg, Headquarters Tuttlingen, 2006 (left to right)

Jörg Wenzel, Hans-Thomas Volzer, Klaus Wenzler, Hans Wenzler, Markus Pauli, Gunter Martin, Rainer Huber, Ulrich Binder, Egon Deufel, Dieter Heiss