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18th Century Beginnings of Surgical Mechanics

The Beginning of Surgical Mechanics in the 18th Century. A Craft Full of Secrets.

Cutlers and other smiths provided the surgeons of the late Middle Ages with their instruments, a practice continuing right into the 18th century.

This is understandable, mainly the professional group of cutlers was in control of the necessary precision within their professional process. And the production of surgical instruments has always required such an exquisite accurateness and concision.

So – a myth has been built up around the professional craft of cutlers. They used to have reputation of nobleness and scandal, an attitude rather understandable for opinions on people producing weapons, sabres, knives, scissors and swords.

Life and responsibility in those guilds were strictly organized  - they were regulated in so-called guild orders

Lathe and drilling jig in the 18th Century

18th century whetting and polishing machine
The lying whetter was able to observe his working process exactly.


Producing of a treban bend