Agency Office:
Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg
Headquarters Tuttlingen
Moltkestrasse 7
 78532 Tuttlingen

Phone:  +49 7461 2201
Fax:  +49 7461 12302

Cooperative Partnership

It is obvious that doctors and professors of all medical departments and faculties have always had a professional relationship to the producers of medical tools.

Based on the ideas and demands of the surgeon and of course in cooperation with him, new and special products are being realized. The surgeon delivers the idea, and the mechanical specialist is responsible for the solution of all technical problems and their practical realization.

The common goal is clear. The development and production of first-rate surgical instruments, implants and tools. The surgeon has to be able to trust those diverse tools at all costs and under all circumstances. These tools have to simplify the operation process and they have to further the healing process.

The medical doctor and his operational doings can save lives, extend the limits of his subject and enrich those limits with new methods. So, the doctor has to rely on the precisionable work of the surgical-mechanics. This means, that this business is more than highly qualified and has remained to be traditional handicraft in many respects, though.

Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch,
widely renowned and many - talented author
of surgical instruments and of orthopaedic limbs.