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Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg
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Surgical - Mechanics: how a new qualified job came into existence

In the 19th and 20th centuries the art of surgery made astonishing progresses. These were accompanied by rising demands in terms of the mechanics, precision and quality of the surgical instruments and tools.

New machine tools and other special machines were being developed and used in the diverse workshops of the producers. New productional procedures werde being introduced which deviated from the traditional ones of general mechanics.

The instrument makers have to be perfect masters and to be in full control of individual and special skills. This holds especially true for the extremely high demands fpr manual skillfulness.

All these factors have led to the new qualified profession of surgical-mechanics. Nevertheless, it was only in 1939 that the German Ministry of Economics offially acknowledged it as such.

Basic training of our surgical-mechanics trainees and apprentices in their one-year vocational college.