Agency Office:
Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg
Headquarters Tuttlingen
Moltkestrasse 7
 78532 Tuttlingen

Phone:  +49 7461 2201
Fax:  +49 7461 12302

Our Projekt -it-

It has been the purpose of our project „it“ to find new products for those firms dealing with and producing surgical mechanics instruments. Quite a lot of such firms can be found in the Tuttlingen-area.

The involved firms and their cooperating partnes should be provided with innovating impulses, and in this way a new orientation and adaption to the requirements of the market shall be made possible.

A number of students, studying production and industrial design, and a number of diverse producers of surgical-mechanical tools have developed a productive cooperation.
Just a part of those more than 15 tools shall be presented on the following sites.

Fixing Unit for Restorers
Design: Markus Hirche
Company: Storz
This fixing and positioning tool is aimes at simply holding the practical work of restores.
Such may be found in the context of archaeological and ethnological objects as well as in activities of the arts and crafts.
A universal modular building system has to make up to a variety of application requirements in order to be able to handle different sizes, forms and materials.
This invention makes it possible to fix an object onto a plastic ground board without any tool at all.
It is also able to position fragments, for example pieces of broken glass in a sensible way.

Scissor – Knife
Design: Mikko Jäppinen
Company: own production
This foldable scissor-knife unites two different ways of cutting into and within one product.
Its foldability also makes it quite easy to transport it.
It can be used in various respects, for example in connection with gardening, camping, fishing or handling in the kitchen.

Letter-Scale Pen
Design: Jeannine Jehle
Company: Fischer
The usefulness of this combination is quite oepen. Frequent travelers and people who are writing more than just postcards will probably become rather thankful for this tool.
Its design is elegant and independent and it derives from its functional demands.
Such, the clip is – at the same time – destined to keep the letter together.

Design: Daniela Brezing
Company: Seeburger
Our sound arm “Allo Hihgend” is a fine combination of excellent sound-quality and a demanding design.
It is compatible with all common drivers and its height and projection can be adjusted.
The one point fixation and the double tone arm pipe guarantee an optimal sound.
We are also proud of the exquisite design of this tone arm.

Design: Tilo Böhme
Company: Zepf
The transport of cigars demands sufficient protection to prohibit a drying-out of the cigar and to protect the cigar-wrapper against damages.
This becomes possible because the cigar-husk is being adapted, as far as its length is concerned. This adaption reduces the air-volume within the husk – and it also secures the cigar against shakings by providing a static seat.
Using the cutting sickle at the top of the husk, the smoker can prick the cigar quiet simply and comfortably.
After having be used, the husk does not need more room.

Design: Mark Ital
Company: Schad
The problem: Using a normal set of keys means a lot of troubles, mainly the one to find the right key. And every set of keys is just too big and voluminous.
The solution: A small box, and the keys are positioned in a number of eight.
You press a button, and the key comes out of the box. By means of a special twisting technique the box can presented in only one direction out of the case.
Instead of the key, this solution can be applied with screw-turners or with blades.

Wire-Whirling Tongs
Design: Hendric Jentz
Company: Zepf
This wire-whirling pair of tongs rather simplifies the twisting of wires, as such are being used in horticulture combined with concrete-building.
The tongs are gripping the two wires whenever the two grasping shanks are being pressed together.
Then the tool twists the wires.
Further rotations are to be followed by repetitive pressing.

Design: Emanuela Lessing
Company: Leibinger
This tool combines the two tools which are necessary for cutting vegetables – a knife and a board.
The essential factor is that therespective limit which can be shifted determines the breadth of the single discs.
The single pieces of vegetables are being collected in a container. This container can be located directly under the chopping board, and it can be shifted.
Among other items, it has been prized with the second prize of the Italic competition. “30 anni mei 2000” –Giovanni Designers per I´Industria in September 1998.